What’s on the menu besides food? Bikinis and Neon! – Located in a strip mall (now isn’t that a coincidence?) Just off I-95, Wacko’s is what they call in the business a show bar. (For those less than wordily types, that means scantily-clad women in high heels dance on a darkened stage that’s usually equipped with a stripper pole while men gawk and feed them dollar bills.) It’s got red-blooded male written all over it: TV’s tuned to ESPN, a Golden Tee Video Game and Beer sold in buckets.

However, not every customer goes there for the entertainment (probably the same guys who buy Playboy for the articles). Wacko’s also boasts a full service restaurant and full bar in additions to a variety of appetizers and sandwiches. The menu features full entrees like pork chops, steak and shrimp as well as specials of the day like Grilled Mahi and Prime Ribs; though regulars swear the burger rates as one of the best in town.

And if the menu itself doesn’t convince you that Wacko’s isn’t just another sleazy club with half naked women (and a metal detector), perhaps the tuxedo-clad waitresses and top-notch service will.